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  • The Shoulder and Upper Limb
    Unit released its Quality Performance Report

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  • Dr. Ali Al Suwaidi, Head of the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit has been elected the President of the Emirates Orthopedic Society
  • The Shoulder and Upper Limb
    Unit released its Quality Performance Report

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  • The Shoulder and Upper Limb
              Unit released its Quality               Performance Report

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I visited the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit earlier in 2019 when I started feeling pain in my right shoulder that I would describe as sudden, since I haven’t had any injuries or accidents. Initially the pain was minimal and I went for physiotherapy sessions, thinking that it would get better and the sessions would stop it from progressing. However, this wasn’t the case and my pain worsened.

I was advised later by my physiotherapist to see Dr. Ali Al Suwaidi in the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit and so I booked an appointment and I saw him. By that time my pain was getting worse and I was not able to sleep at night, let alone shower or even scratch my back. Dr. Ali did all the necessary investigations and diagnostic imaging and finally I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis. He explained to me that I might get some relief from having a cortisone injection under ultrasound guidance but at the end I will still have to undergo surgery to release the adhesions. He explained that the choice is mine and that if I wish to go for surgery it will be an arthroscopic surgery which is quick and minimally invasive and after that I will have to have an intensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation schedule. The way Dr. Ali presented the case to me and discussed all my treatment options was very professional and I instantly felt very confident in him so I agreed to go for surgery. I was in so much pain that I didn’t feel the need to hesitate or waste any more time, after all I explored various options before that didn’t work.

I did the surgery on time after all the necessary insurance approvals were taken, and a few weeks later I started my physiotherapy sessions with Mr. Adarsh. I have to say the surgery went very smoothly and the physiotherapy sessions were very helpful. Now I am almost 8 months post op and I am able to lift my shoulder high. The effort that was done by Dr. Ali Al Suwaidi and Adarsh Mohan my physiotherapist was great and thanks to them I am back to normal. I have been telling all my friends at work how great the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit is and everyone around me is really impressed with my progress. Thank you very much Dr. Ali and Adarsh.


I have had a problem with my left shoulder 15 years ago when I injured it while playing soccer and at that time the Orthopedic Doctor I saw suggested that I take 2 cortisone injections which I did and the pain was relieved until a few months ago while I was skate boarding. I fell hard on the same shoulder and immediately I started feeling the pain. The pain was intolerable and I had a feeling that the problem of my shoulder was more serious this time. I had to take a few days of sick leave from the University I work in as a Professor because I wasn’t able to raise my arm or even put my shirt on.

I did an online search and came across Dr. Ali Al Suwaidi’s profile and expertise. I booked an appointment with him instantly and visited the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit. After assessing my Shoulder and undergoing x-ray and MRI imaging, he explained that what I have is a condition called Adhesive Capsulitis and will require an Arthroscopic Surgery to fix. Honestly I took some time to think about it but I didn’t hesitate much as I felt that there is nothing to worry about and after all if Dr. Ali with such experience and qualifications believes that an Arthroscopic procedure is the solution, then it’s unlikely that I will feel better with any other treatment options. The date of the surgery was decided and I had all the pre op tests done a few days before the surgery.

The surgery went perfectly fine and the recovery was very smooth. I started my Physiotherapy sessions shortly after that and Mr. Adarsh is a senior physiotherapist with plenty of patience and experience. He knows how to deal with post op patients very well. The whole team was fantastic and the communication and follow up were great. I am 100% satisfied with the outcomes of the surgery. I would say I literally got my shoulder back!


I have been suffering from recurrent Shoulder dislocation for years. It would happen suddenly with some extra activity or overuse of the shoulder. It happened to me 4 times, and would be very painful. I had a great deal of difficulty with my daily activities including driving, shopping and doing the house chores.

I was recommended to see Dr. Ali Al Suwaidi in the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit by Dr. Ganga, my Orthopedic Doctor. Dr. Ganga explained that since my shoulder dislocation was recurrent and not a one-time thing, I definitely needed to consult Dr. Ali and that with his experience such cases would be a “a piece of cake” for him.

As it turned out, Dr. Ganga was correct. From the moment I stepped in to the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit, I was taken care of in a very nice way. Dr. Ali explained to me the case in a very detailed manner and took me through the process of treatment. He said that a Shoulder Stabilization surgery would be the best treatment option for my case and would be followed by a phase of rehabilitation. I was in so much pain that I immediately agreed to the surgery. The pre-op investigations were completed and the surgery date was scheduled in a very smooth manner. All the support staff is very professional and friendly.

I am now 5 months Post Op and I am undergoing my Physiotherapy sessions at SUL. But actually my shoulder already feels completely normal as if the dislocations never even happened. I am completely back to normal and can do everything.

My whole experience with the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit was very smooth and pleasant. The reception and nurses were always very helpful and always communicated in a professional manner. I would definitely recommend the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit to anyone looking for help with their upper limb problem.


I was pain free literally the day after surgery!

I started complaining of my left thumb 2 years ago. The pain was more than just an inconvenience as I couldn’t use my left hand at all. I was told that there was a special team of shoulder and upper limb in town, so I contacted them.

I was given an appointment with Dr. Louay Jabban. Dr. Louay took me through the treatment options which ranged from medications and pain killers to cortisone injections. If all else failed, surgery was an option as well. I went for the injections twice. I felt relief, but it was a temporary. The pain would always return in a matter of months.

I finally decided to discuss surgery with Dr. Louay. Dr. Louay suggested that my case would require a trigger finger release surgery. After 2 years of pain, and exhausting all other options, I agreed because it seemed like the right thing to do.

I am very grateful that Dr. Louay did not push me into surgery, but tried to find alternatives first. He also helped me when I was ready by explaining in detail what would happen. My surgery is not a major one, I know, but I know it requires a talented surgeon to do it well. Dr. Louay took all the time I needed to answer all of my questions and I felt that I was in good hands.

What I find amazing is that I went into the surgery, and the very next day, my pain of 2 years had completely disappeared! I didn’t even need any pain killers.

Dr. Louay is truly brilliant. My finger is completely back to normal and I can use it for everything. And it happened literally overnight!

I would like to say thank you for the whole team, starting from Dr. Louay Jabban and his nurse Chicco to the reception employee Mary who was very cooperative and always assisted me with all my appointments. It is really nice to meet such a professional and friendly medical team!

– W.M, MALE, U.K

I had shoulder pain for 6 months that started as a mild ache, but I kept ignoring it.  I lead a busy life, so it didn’t seem like a big issue, especially since there was no trauma or accident that had caused the pain.   Since I work in an office-based job in a large company, I do not need to move my shoulder a great deal.  So I assumed that if I simply took care, the pain would go away on its own.    

Unfortunately, the pain kept intensifying and became worse.  Any activity became painful.  I reached a point where I could not raise my arm up high and the pain started radiating downwards.  It was also causing me to lose sleep as the pain would wake me up at night.  I needed to do something. 

I started asking around, and one of my friends recommended I visit the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit.  He told me that he had seen Dr. Mohamed Louay Jabban for an upper limb issue and he praised the quality of services that were offered to him. 

When I booked an appointment and saw Dr. Jabban, he ran all the necessary tests to diagnose my condition and explained that I had a rotator cuff tear which was more than 70% and a SLAP lesion which required arthroscopic repair.  He explained to me what that meant, and what he recommended would need to happen.  After multiple visits to Dr. Louay’s clinic, it was clear to me that he knew very well what my problem was and what needed to be done. I could tell from his explanation of my case that he had treated many similar cases so I agreed to the surgery without any hesitation.

The surgery went very well, and I started my Physiotherapy sessions 3 weeks later with Mr. Adarsh, the Physiotherapist. I had about 12 sessions in total but I started feeling the difference from the second session onwards. The sessions involved many hands-on techniques and exercises that I was also shown how to do at home in between the sessions.

What is remarkable is that I had my surgery five months ago, and I am completely pain free.  I am doing my normal daily activities, which had become very difficult for me to handle. I would like to thank Dr. Louay very much for his effort as well as the physiotherapy team, as well as nursing and the front desk. My experience was truly outstanding.  It is always a pleasure to have such good quality care in our country.


I have been experiencing my Shoulder pain for a full year and it has affected my daily life terribly as I really couldn’t raise my right arm without having a clicking sound followed by pain. I also started having troubles driving my car for long distances, even though I paid a great attention to the head restraint in my car and how to properly adjust it. Nothing was working and it was getting worse.

I also wasn’t sure at that point if the pain was due to a problem in my shoulder or if it was a neck problem with pain radiating into my shoulder.

I went to all sorts of Doctors and they couldn’t seem to find the real cause of the pain. They would just refer me to Physiotherapy sessions. I was very compliant with all therapy sessions and did all of the follow-up exercises, but I felt no improvement, just pain.

Finally I was referred to Dr. Ali Al Suwaidi from Dr. Nael Barghash who is a friend of mine and an orthopedic consultant in Tawam Hospital in Al Ain. When I had my MRI done in Tawam Hospital and Dr. Nael saw my results, he told me to take the MRI images with me and head straight to Dr. Ali’s clinic in Abu Dhabi.

Even from the first visit with Dr. Ali Al Suwaidi, I felt I was finally in safe hands. He finally explained that I had a tear in the Rotator cuff and that the ideal treatment for my case would be an arthroscopic surgery to repair the tear followed by Physiotherapy sessions. I was so tired of the pain that I immediately agreed to the surgery and he was able to fit me in within one week of my visit. I am half way through my Physiotherapy sessions and I already feel the difference. I was told that my recovery process is going fine and as expected.

The staff at SUL unit was very professional, all throughout my experience with them. Appointments were handled in a very smooth manner. I always found assistance when I needed it. I am very grateful to the whole team.


I was a patient of Dr. Ali Al Suwaidi in 2012 when he operated on my right shoulder to repair a rotator cuff. The surgery was very successful and I recovered completely.

A few years later, when my left shoulder started deteriorating, I knew I had to see him quickly as I had waited too long in pain before doing the right shoulder. I could tell that my left shoulder had a similar problem to my right one and the torn tendon was so painful that it prevented me from sleeping at night. I was also unable to complete my daily chores such as grocery shopping for my family as I wasn’t able to lift anything or carry heavy bags.

Dr. Ali had had left his previous practice in SKMC, so I was worried I couldn’t find him. I searched for him on the internet and thankfully I found him still in Abu Dhabi. I called the Shoulder and Upper Limb Clinic of Abu Dhabi, where he is the head of the Unit, and I found his new location.

I ended up having the surgery within a few weeks from seeing Dr. Ali.

Once again, I am doing so much better now after the Physiotherapy. I feel as if I have brand new Shoulders now!

I am also very happy with the team that Dr. Ali is working with. I would like to thank Dr. Ali and his staff, especially Reem, SUL’s patient coordinator. She was always available to follow up with me and answer my inquiries. There were absolutely no gaps in communication between the team and me so my care was not only highly successful, but it went very smoothly as well. Thank you to the SUL team!


I had a problem with recurrent Shoulder dislocation. This was very irritating because although the shoulder would pop right back into place, but it would then hurt for weeks afterwards and make it difficult for me to move around. Fortunately, my office-based profession as bank manager did not require a great deal of movement so I was able to live with it. But after a while, it just became difficult to ignore, so I sought medical help. I went to my usual Orthopedic doctor, Dr. Ganga, who told me that the shoulder needed to be stabilized through a procedure called a Bankart Repair. He referred me to Dr. Ali Al Suwaidi who is an expert at shoulder and upper limb problems. So I went to see Dr. Ali at the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit (SUL) in Burjeel.

Dr. Ali was very thorough and clear in his explanation of my ailment. Apparently, if a shoulder dislocates multiple times, it will become chronically unstable and dislocate much more easily than with other people who have not suffered a dislocation. The only permanent solution in some cases to such recurrent dislocation is surgery to stabilize the shoulder and avoid recurrence. That surgery itself is called a Bankart Repair.

What made me happy is that not only is Dr. Ali an expert in these surgeries, but he can do it as a day case which meant that I be home the very same evening of my surgery.

From the beginning, it was clear that this was a team effort, and the goal was to figure out the fastest way to repair my shoulder and bring me back to normal. Their professionalism and cooperation with me helped me to make my mind up straight away to have surgery even though surgery makes me nervous. Everyone was very helpful and the experience was very smooth. Reem, the patient coordinator, assisted me throughout the whole procedure, and Rose, Dr. Ali’s nurse, gave me all the necessary care and information and prepared me well for my surgery. Even the reception staff were prompt and reminded me of any appointments or follow-ups. I wanted to be sure that immediately after the surgery, my pain was properly managed, and it was. Finally, Adarsh my physiotherapist was very helpful and understanding through my post-surgery rehabilitation. All in all, it was a great experience.

A few weeks after my surgery, Dr. Ali had to go on vacation, so I never had a chance to thank him properly. I am 100% satisfied with my results. Thank you Dr. Ali and team, please keep up the good work!


I had a shoulder pain for almost a year. It was very painful and got in the way of my job. I work as a schoolteacher, and I couldn’t raise my shoulder or lift some of the materials that I needed to move around while in the classroom with my students. So I went to see a general orthopedic doctor. He tried several ways to fix the shoulder but it didn’t work, so he referred me to Dr. Ali Ali Suwaidi in the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit at Burjeel Hospital who is an expert with shoulders.

Dr. Ali examined me carefully, and reviewed my entire history from the past year, including all the tests I had done that I brought with me, and everything that was tried, such as analgesics, injections, and other. He came to the conclusion that surgery really was my best option as everything else had been tried. I was really hesitant and Dr. Ali put no pressure on me whatsoever. In fact, I waited a whole year, but finally, I couldn’t take it any longer and returned. He did not assume I still needed surgery although I am sure it was clear – but he took the time to ask me questions and examine me again. He also talked me through the details of the surgery and again put no pressure on me, telling me the advantages and disadvantages. Since Dr. Ali felt that the same diagnosis and treatment recommendation applied, and he calmed my nerves enough for me to do the surgery.

I am so glad I made the right decision. I do not regret it at all. It has only been two weeks since my surgery, and I already feel so much better. I am looking forward to starting my Physiotherapy with Dr. Ali’s team as soon as I return from my vacation. I am quite sure that the quality of the service I will receive will exceed my hopes and expectations, as did the surgery.


I have had pain in my right shoulder for 6 years. Now that I think about it, the pain was not continuous the first few years. It would come and go. Then a couple of years back, my shoulder started to hurt more frequently and was more painful than before. I tried various treatment options with various Doctors including injections and a Shoulder Arthroscopy, all of which were of no help at all. My luck turned when I decided to see Dr. Stephen who referred me to Dr. Ali and was very confident of his experience in Upper Limb problems.

At the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit, Dr. Ali Al Suwaidi explained that he doesn’t like to do surgeries unless it is truly needed. So for my case he suggested we start Physiotherapy sessions first and ultrasound guided injections but follow them both closely to see how I was progressing. Unfortunately, my shoulder pain still did not get any better but because Dr. Ali and his team are integrated and were following me, he was able to tell that it was not working, and he recommended surgery as the best step to relieve my pain. My diagnosis was shoulder impingement. By the time Dr. Ali diagnosed that surgery was needed, I had full confidence in his motives for the surgery and in his skill. He is a Doctor who knows what he is doing and fully understands the case before taking any decisions.

The surgery went excellently, and I have been making a very smooth recovery. Currently I am in the middle of my post-operative physiotherapy sessions and I can feel the difference and the improvement every single session. I am so thankful that I had this done.


A Special Thank you to Mr. Adarsh my Physiotherapist. He has proven to be of great knowledge and help knowing exactly what should be done for my case. I truly appreciate his effort and dedication. He is always enthusiastic and offers a great deal of cooperation.

God bless him. He is doing a great job.


I had a biking accident and was sent to the ER of a Hospital closest to the accident. The Hospital highly recommended for me to go to Dr. Louay at Burjeel. His team are the most experienced in Abu Dhabi for my diagnosis.

From the first moment I attended the Shoulder and Upper limb clinic, I was very well treated by all the involved staff. All my appointments were prompt and I received excellent treatment from your nurses. I can never stop thanking Dr. Louay for the wonderful job he did on my shoulder. I am now completely back to normal as I was before my accident and this is all thanks to a great surgeon and a great physiotherapist. Thanks to Jenn’s treatment I got all of my strength back and was able to get back to work without pain.

Also thanks to Dr. Louay and his team, I was able to successfully finish it the ITU Abu Dhabi World triathlon race only three months after my surgery! Thank you Dr. Louay for your blessed hands! I will be forever grateful.

– L.Estrella ,MALE , MEXICO

I had severe pain due to inflammation on the right shoulder and injections were not suitable for my case. Some friends recommended me the Shoulder and Upper Lib Unit. I had arthroscopy and synovectomy which was done by Dr. Ali Al Suwaidi.
The surgery was good alhamdulelah, the recovery was smooth. I needed time to adapt with the pain, but recovery is easier with time and strengthening of the muscles. Also thank you to the Physiotherapy team, who were very professional. I am now better and back to my normal life


I am a football player and when I seriously injured my knee, I was very concerned about being able to play again. As a serious athlete, I am used to having pain, but I knew this was different and that I would need the best care possible to become active again.

After some research, including asking several friends and family member, I found the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit and Dr. Louay who has all the right training and many years of experience in Sports Medicine. From the start, I felt as though I was in good hands. I needed to have knee surgeries done in 2 surgeries. One was an ACL reconstruction and the second one was an arthroscopic knee surgery, in order to get back fully to normal. So I embarked on a 6-month plan with the Unit that has been highly successful.

I’ve had 100 percent satisfaction from start to finish during both knee surgeries from Dr. Louay and his team. From the initial appointments to the surgery and hospital stay and then post-surgery physiotherapy. In addition to my surgeon, other highlights included my physiotherapist, and Reem, who is the Shoulder and Upper Limb’s patient coordinator and helped me with every aspect of my care.

I still have some physiotherapy sessions to complete before being fully cleared for football, but the pain is completely gone and I have gained almost full range of motion. I know that I will rejoin the football team very soon.

I was extremely impressed and would highly recommend that any person with knee problems go to the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit.

I am not fully back to playing football and I still have some physiotherapy sessions to complete, but the pain is completely gone and I have gained almost full range of motion.
I know that I will join the football team very soon.


I had very strong pain in my left shoulder for more than one year and cortisone injection every four months only helped at the beginning. The pain and limitation of movement would return. The last injection did not help at all, so I decided to go for surgery.

Dr. Ali was recommended to me by my German physician. From the first appointment with Dr. Ali, I felt very comfortable. The conversation was very professional and complete. The preparation for the operation was done in a very good manner. Good organization and no waiting time. I felt in good hands.

On the day of surgery, the registration and start operation procedure was carried out without any delay or problems. The operation was done as I was expecting without any problems.

Although I had some issues after surgery due to the nerve blocker, I got better after 3 days.

The Physiotherapy started 2 weeks after operation. The physiotherapist prepared a program to help me with shoulder recovery. From start to finish, my physiotherapist carried out my program in a very professional manner, and understood how to motivate and help me go to my limit.

Thank you to the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit.

– Gerhard. S. , MALE, GERMANY

I was actually a patient of Dr. Ali Alsuwaidi in his previous hospital several years ago, where he had successfully completed surgery for my left shoulder. When I injured my right shoulder and needed surgery, I looked for him and found out that he was now at Burjeel hospital, so I called him there. This time, I needed to have surgery for a torn tendon that needed repair. I am very grateful that I came back to Dr. Ali. Because of the torn tendon, I was completely limited from doing any physical activities. Worse, I had problems sleeping or doing anything that used my shoulder. It was very painful.

All of the staff were great and efficient, from the reception to the nurses, the doctors, and my physiotherapist.

Thanks to Dr. Ali and his team, I now have full motion in both shoulders. I am still in Physiotherapy but I am back to normal with my daily activities. I am at 90% and once I will be done with physiotherapy, I will go back to all of my physical activities as well.


As a physician myself, I’ve known Dr. Louay for a number of years. His professional training as an Orthopedic and Sport Medicine surgeon is excellent and he has many years of experience. So when I injured my ankle and I wasn’t able to treat it successfully with icing and elevation, I knew I wanted to come to see Dr. Louay even though I live in Dubai.

After a thorough consultation, Dr. Louay recommended 2 PRP injections over a two-week period.

These injections were highly successful. Whereas before, my ankle affected my ability to walk and even standing was difficult, I am now back to normal and can walk normally, without pain. It was exactly what I needed.

My whole experience with the Unit, from the reception staff to nursing, and of course, the medical care, was extremely organized and everyone was very helpful. Thank you to Dr. Louay and his team!


I had a very positive experience at the Shoulder and Upper Limb unit of the Burjeel hospital in Abu Dhabi, and particularly with Doctor Mr. Ali Al Suwaidi.

I contacted the Shoulder and Upper Limb unit following recurrent shoulder dislocation. My case was quite sensitive because I had a first shoulder surgery in Europe in 2006 and a then an accident 10 years later in the summer of 2016. As a result, the recommended option was to undergo a LATARJET operation which is a rather sophisticated technique.

The Shoulder and Upper Limb unit department is well organised. From the first day I was assigned to a dedicated assistant who coordinated all steps from preparing the surgery to planning rehabilitation sessions. I was given the mail and phone number of the assistant and was able to organize my appointments easily by mail and telephone. The overall process was fairly simple and fast: I got the insurance approval after only a few days. Blood tests, X-Rays and anaesthesia appointment were performed for 2 hours. My assistant was always with me at the various departments to make sure that I was taken care of quickly.

Surgery, follow-up and rehabilitation sessions were all organized in a smooth and professional manner by highly qualified people, and I was systematically informed of the next steps.

I deeply congratulate the UAE and the Burjeel Hospital for their outstanding quality.

January 2017

I have had an amazing experience with the Shoulder and Upper Limb unit at Burjeel-Abu Dhabi and I would like to share it with everyone.

On my first visit to the clinic, I was very much touched by the warm welcome I was received with by the staff. The staff were very friendly and cooperative. They were ready to go the extra mile for the sake of my comfort and satisfaction.

I would like to express my immense gratitude to the whole staff from reception to the nurses. They all made sure that my visiting experience was nothing less than "Perfect". They never hesitate to go out of their way for the sake of the patient’s comfort.

I had a shoulder surgery on November 27, 2016 and I have had excellent physiotherapy so far that has helped speed up the healing process. Thank you to Jennifer who is playing a major role in my healing and am looking forward to continuing my physio sessions with her until my shoulder is completely healed.

Last but not least, a BIG thank you to Dr. Ali Al Suwaida and Dr. Mohamad Louay Jabban who with the Help and Grace of Allah and their “Magical” touch helped ease my shoulder, elbow & wrist pain. May Allah Bless both of them.

Thank you ALL for making my visit to your clinic a “First Class experience”.

– Rashida A.S., FEMALE Yemen
January 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to provide feedback on my treatment and care by Dr. Ali Al Suwaidi and his staff. My period of treatment lasted from my initial consultation with Dr. Al Suwaidi on July 23 through my penultimate review with Dr. Ali and final physiotherapy session with Mr. Adarsh on December 5.

From the start, Dr. Al Suwaidi put me at ease and generated an air of such confidence in his ability that I had no qualms about listening to his advice.

The day of surgery itself was so well managed that the day was over before I had time to worry. There was minimal waiting time and when I awoke after surgery, the staff were on hand to monitor and provide care as needed. Dr. Ali came to see me before discharge, explained again what procedure had been done and made sure that I knew what the next stages of treatment were. The nursing staff were excellent and everyone made my wife, who flew to the UAE from the UK the day before, very welcome. This is something we are not used to in the U.K.

My physiotherapy was a gentlemen called Adarsh. The second week after surgery, when I first saw him, he made me aware of the importance of controlled exercise and not letting the shoulder seize up. He even gave me my first set of exercises to do in the U.K. while my arm was still in the sing. On my return, the real work started and I admit I did not expect to have lost so much movement and strength in my shoulder. Adarsh’s patience, motivation and professional approach was what made the difference in my recovery. He was forever assessing, then reassessing, re-motivating, ever pushing and leading me to a point where on the 5th of Dec, Dr. Ali said that he was very pleased with my progress.

I hope this letter of appreciation is taken in the context it is written. Thank you for your support, treatment and encouragement throughout. Excellent administration, excellent orthopedic surgeon, and excellent physiotherapist.

– Mark R. ,MALE, U.K
December 2016

I would like to express my gratitude for your care during and after the surgery. I found excellent medical care and a caring attitude from Dr. Ali and his great staff.

I was suffering a lot from the pain for a long time and I am feeling so much better after the surgery. I also feel improvement in my overall health.

I would like to thank everyone and I wish you the best in your future career in the medical field and other fields.

– E. M., FEMALE, U.S.A.

I went to see Dr Ali Alsuwaidi in 2013. I had been suffering from chronic pain in my left shoulder for several years and I had finally decided to get it looked at. An MRI scan confirmed the prognosis of an impinged shoulder; ligaments had been impacting against bone to the point where most of the ligaments were detached and the muscle was in a state of atrophy.

Dr Alsuwaidi recommended surgery. The plan was to insert pins into the bone and reconnect the detached ligament to the pins via a keyhole surgery procedure.

The surgery was a success, and within a year my shoulder was fully functioning. Today my left shoulder is stronger than ever, and there is no pain or negative side effects. I would like to thank Dr Alsuwaidi for conducting an excellent and error-free procedure on my shoulder. If not for his skill and ability, I may well be disabled today.

– R O

On November 15, 2016, I fell, causing an incomplete fracture of my left elbow. The care and treatment I have received at the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit have been absolutely great.

The Team take great care of you as a patient and even more importantly as a person.

The entire staff – Heba, Aileen, Mary, Zoily, Chicco, Dr. Ali, Dr. Louay, Jennifer and Adarsh – They really are an incredible team together. They have worked closely with me and my injury and getting me back to a normal life and slowly getting me back to work. They really listen to what you say and find exactly the right treatment for you.


I highly appreciated my treatment at the Shoulder and Upper Limb Unit. My shoulder injury was a complete tear which needed surgery and rehabilitation. The Shoulder and Upper Limb department is unique in so many aspects. Dr. Ali is professional, precise, accurate and was very specific in diagnosing me. The surgery was a complete success and the collaborative work of Dr. Ali and the physiotherapy unit was very essential to improve my injury and to give me the best medical results.

Thanks to Dr. Ali’s referral to his physiotherapist after my surgery, he linked the gaps by fixing my sick shoulder and by having me meet with the physiotherapist for some physical exercises such as the Terra Bands treatment that hastened my healing process. Thank you!